Phonics Under The Big Top

Phonics Under the Big Top is a fun, interactive and exciting phonics program that introduces children to the 42 phonemes (letter sounds) of the English language. Children are provided with the opportunity to play lots of colourful, graded games that teach and reinforce the phonemes (letter sounds) of our English language.


Phonics Under the Big Top Advanced

Phonics Under the Big Top Advanced follows on from the first app produced called Phonics Under the Big Top. In a fun, very interactive way it teaches children the more advanced skills of phonics. Meet strongman Sam, Scruff the Monkey and Happy Elephant as they introduce you to other ways of writing the sounds of the English language. Learn all about ‘Magic-e’ and practice spelling many hard words using your new phonics skills.


Explore the sounds heard at the beginning of words


Follow the arrows inside each letter to practise correct letter formation skills


Progress onto the harder skill of the automatic recall of sight words through the ‘looking good’ strategy


Explore short and long vowel sounds and apply this learning to the concept of ‘Magic e’ in words


Learn how to write many words by combining the phonemes (letter sounds) as they are introduced through the program


Listen to the correct pronunciation of each phoneme including digraphs

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Phonics Under the Big Top Advanced iPad and Android Apps adopt a synthetic approach to learning phonics. This is the current method of phonics teaching being used throughout the world! Each phoneme is taught using a more advanced code of phonics. The children are shown a variety of phenomes, including digraphs as they appear in a word. Phonics Under the Big Top Advanced has been written by a phonics expert from the Jolly Discoveries literacy teaching team.


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