Jolly Grammar 1 – An Overview

Phonics / Grammar

This informative PD, introduces you to the entire Jolly Grammar program. A complete overview of the spelling and grammar teaching lessons contained in each of six Jolly Grammar Handbooks is provided along with a detailed explanation of how to maximise your use of this program for Year 1 to Year 6.The PD will also provide teachers with lots of examples of fun hands on activities that can be used with your students.

Each of the Jolly Grammar Handbooks provides teachers with lesson plans, teaching notes and worksheets for an entire year. This is a comprehensive school spelling and grammar program. The spelling program is based on a synthetic phonics approach, which begins with the basic code of phonics and gradually introduces the students to the advanced code. Concepts such as grapheme choice, schwa sounds, prefixes and suffixes are just a few of the many concepts covered. The presenters will show how this program can be adapted to suit the Australian curriculum.