Jolly Grammar 2 – Building On

Phonics / Grammar

A PD that will continue to develop the concepts introduced in the Jolly Grammar 1 program as well as introduce teachers to the new spelling and grammar component of the Jolly Grammar 2 program. The PD will also provide teachers with plenty of examples of hands on activities that can be used in the classroom. Learn how to ‘dot, dash and dive’ as well as ‘phoneme finger count’ the phonemes in the spelling lists. Discover the advanced phonetic code of English which in turn will assist teachers and students with making sense of common spelling rules.

This PD will also explore exciting ways for teaching grammar through a multi-sensory approach. The grammatical concepts of prepositions, conjunctions, parsing, contractions, verb tenses etc. are just some of the extra skills introduced. The Jolly Discoveries trainers will demonstrate how to adapt the Jolly Grammar 1 and 2 programs to suit an Australian classroom setting and show how unnecessary worksheets may be avoided. 2 – 3 hours PD session.